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Babymoov Dream Belt
Model #: A062005
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why we love it
  • Every expectant mother must have this for a great nights sleep!
  • Give the gift of a comfortable sleep
  • Add the Babymoov Dotwork pillow for the perfect dream sleep system

Did you know 92% of pregnant women struggle with sleeping issues?

Babymoov have worked closely with midwives that have supported, monitored and validated the product at each stage of the development of the Dream Belt. It is designed to help with discomfort during sleeping.  

Dream Belt is a new and innovative sleep belt that results from a co-creation between Babymoov, mums-to-be and midwives. It improves comfort during night thanks to 2 elastic stripes that hold baby bump while sleeping on the side. You can attach Dream Belt very easily thanks to a rear velcro. 2 shapes memory foam reinforcements have been created to fit the gap bewteen the stomach and the mattress. Already tested and approved by mums-to-be!

If it seems like an endless struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, the Babymoov Dream Belt could well be the answer. It comprises a central part made of soft, stretchy fabric which supports your bump, and two memory foam side pouches to conform to your body type. Supported in this way, you will find a nice, comfy position in bed so you can fall asleep peacefully.

Why buy the babymoov Dreambelt?

Benefit TickErgonomic belt that follows every movement of the body during the night
Benefit TickHolds the baby bump's weight while sleeping on the side
Benefit TickAdjustable belt that fits all body shapes
Benefit TickStretch fabric that adapts to each stage of pregnancy
Benefit TickCan be used directly on the skin or over clothing
Benefit TickCover machine washable at 40°
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